the heart of the matter

Our solutions support organisations in a wide range of industries such as retail, automotive, non-profit, tech, banking and insurance.

There are many different reasons why our clients chose MarketingOne and Paragon. At the heart of the matter are a number of problems that we solve and have listed here.

1. Measuring effects and optimize performance

Know what's working and what's not. Gain insight into campaign performance with accurate, actionable data from all sources on a single platform. 

Your challenge:
Huge spreadsheets can never provide a reliable picture of performance.

Our solution:
Clearly and quickly determine the success, and ROI, of marketing. Monitor and optimize planning, campaigns, budgets, and staff capacity with data-driven decisions.

"I need to understand how our initiatives are performing in order to be able to optimize them"


2. marketing compliance

Marketing is all about making promises. MarketingOne makes it easier for you to keep them. Consider compliance as a part of your day to day business and integrate regulatory guidelines into all your processes.

Your challenge:
Regulatory guidelines are often difficult to understand, interpret and work with. What is more, the interpretations are subject to change.

Our solution:
Integrate legal and government guidelines as an inseparable part of the work. With the flexibility to respond to events and specific circumstances. MarketingOne allows you to automate the tasks associated with meeting legal and compliance requirements, so that you can focus on building your brand.


3. Distributing marketing assets

A cloud-based asset distribution system getting your marketing content to geographically dispersed markets in real time. This solution allows organizations to optimize processes, gives their teams the freedom to create with confidence, and improve brand compliance.

Your challenge:
Distribute different versions to different segments faster. Provide local access to approved content.

Our solution:
Provide centralized access to up-to-date and approved content to the intended audiences. Connect existing systems if needed and support marketers and agencies in accessing, organizing and sharing assets. Helping users with access to relevant assets. Providing templates and guidelines to ensure compliance.


4. Increasing Agility and speed to market

Rapidly initiating, developing and executing campaigns. Measuring performance helps in making informed decisions and allows adjustments to be made.

Changing market conditions may influence campaign performance. Adapting your strategy to different local circumstances can be essential for success. Our solutions allow rapid modifications and improve your communications to specific local markets.

Your challenge:
Centralized control enables effective and compliant localization. Local level involvement can leverage existing local knowledge.

Our solution:
Launch new products and innovations faster with fewer interruptions. Responding rapidly to market feedback on products and campaigns optimizes the customer experience.


Our tools and guidelines enhance responsiveness to easily adapt global resources to local needs. This increases impact and improves brand consistency.


5. enhancing team collaboration

Collaboration has always been important. But with today’s variety of online and offline communication channels, effective collaboration between departments, external partners and suppliers is even more critical.

Today, teams have access to solutions designed for and aligned with their work and needs. That enables them to perform their daily tasks without waiting for support from colleagues or external partners.

Your challenge
Repetitive processes can become tedious and susceptible to errors. Inefficient processes take up too much attention and may have a negative impact on team performance.

Our solution
Manage and record activities by using predefined workflows. Assign tasks to suppliers, teams and individuals and monitor the process flow. Improve collaboration with well-designed workflows aligned with day-to-day business practices. So your people can recognise themselves in the processes, immediately use them in their daily work and avoid errors. Our motto: do it right the first time.

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