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Parallel Lines

When compliance in marketing, sales and communications needs a strategic approach.

Tools not rules

Since we started in 1995, we have given our clients the solutions that meet their needs and circumstances, tailor-made.

Here are some examples of our expert solutions developed over the years, often in close collaboration with our clients and business partners. 


Brand Management and Dealer communication

All your branding across all communication channels personalised and in control? Give others access to instantly deployable marketing communications tools.

Always brand compliant. Make life easier for your affiliates, dealers and franchisees.

Peugeot Brandportal
Tailor-made campaign types and processes


Campaign and Project Management

Effectively plan, execute, delegate and monitor all your campaigns and campaign activities? Give your marketing teams full control over all data and files, while ensuring compliant execution through controlled processes.



Workflow Management

Standardize marketing processes quickly and efficiently. Workflow Management provides global marketers with a central platform to manage, automate, control, and optimize workflows.



Budget and Expense Management

Budget and Expense Management enables data-driven budget decisions anytime, anywhere. Plan, manage, and optimize decentralised budgets with real-time reporting and control to maximize campaign performance.



Media Pool: Digital Asset Management

All your files available online, distributed and managed centrally. Enhanced customer experiences with personalized content with relevant messages tailored to the recipient. With Digital Asset Management, you can manage content in any format, for any device and for any purpose. Content is stored, managed, distributed and monitored for efficiency and performance.

  • Leverage your investments

  • Reduce fees and out of pocket costs

  • Permission based

  • Reliable

  • Social Media 



Risk and compliance 

Make risk management and compliance part of daily decisions without slowing down the organisation. Improve supervision through self-service apps that support users and prevent errors. Tailor solutions to your risk profile and build your own risk management system quickly and easily, without programming knowledge, at a fraction of the cost.

  • Powerful logic

  • Customizable

  • No programming

  • Industry standards

  • Analytics and BI

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