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how we make it work for you

We believe that successful implementation requires preparation and proper embedding in your organisation.

Processes must be mapped, responsibilities assigned and users trained.

That is why our experienced team of specialists supports you during the onboarding process and during the run phase.

And that is how we make it work for you, guaranteeing your long-term success.


Which solution fits your situation best? Every organisation is unique. The size, the culture and the composition of the product and brand portfolio are critical. These factors determine your requirements.

Our extensive experience over many years with a wide variety of clients we help you find the right solution for your organisation. Our consultants and project managers see it as their task to exceed your expectations. 

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Content services

No time or limited resources? If your organisation lacks time, capacity and knowhow, you can opt for our hands-on support. All content is gathered, prepared, converted and distributed in a timely manner.

In this scenario, Paragon Content Services will be your helping hand. Whether it's occasional help or assistance of a more structural nature, we are used to working with many different agencies at home and abroad.

  • Making all materials and communication tools available at the appropriate time is critical for optimising campaign results.

  • Benefit from our templates for customising and localising campaign materials, both online and offline.

  • And if you have large volumes of content we can import them at the push of a button.


Product support 

The great advantage of doing business directly is that we can respond quickly. Communication lines are short and in emergencies or other situations we can intervene immediately.

Our experienced support staff with expert knowledge is at your disposal. Professionalism is of paramount importance to us.

  • First and second line support depending on desired service level.

  • Always including access to an online Service Portal, enabling you to track progress 24/7.

  • FAQs, best practices and knowledge base available.

  • Professional and highly -trained service staff with direct access to our other teams are at your service.


Hosting ServiceS

Optimal security, guaranteed updates and maintenance.

Our approach is to start with a very basic solution and grow to a more advanced service solution if desired. In other words: the level of service is easily tailored to your needs.

  • Guaranteed system availability, updates and maintenance.

  • Access for internal and external users.

  • Insights into actual levels of service by means of regular reports.



Be the best you can be. Our trainers will help you achieve it. 

Tell us your training requirements and we can provide you with a training program tailor-made to you and your partners’ needs.

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In-house training, workshops or a distance training over a period, all are based on your unique business processes and adapted to your specific situation.

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