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about MarketingOne®

Paragon's user-friendly marketing platform is versatile and streamlines processes saving you time and money.
versatile marketing software

A versatile software suite


MarketingOne is Paragon's own marketing software suite. A platform that has been tried and refined over the years. It is designed to be useful in many different types of businesses and applications. Users benefit from time and cost savings as it provides consistency across media channels and assets.



MarketingOne's modules enhance the efficiency of your marketing efforts, from planning and execution to evaluation.


The platform allows you to coordinate all your marketing materials nationally and internationally while allowing for local adaptations.




MarketingOne enables teamwork across the organisation with rapid responses to changing circumstances. It helps you to integrate all your communications while allowing you to modify and add processes according to the requirements of your business.

Insight, understanding and optimised operations


You gain transparency with centralised management insights into costs. And a vastly more effective marketing operation, as our multinational clients have found.

marketing one framework
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