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Marketing & Corporate identity Portal

All information about brands and corporate identity gathered at one central location. Accessible around the clock by your employees, your suppliers and your partners.

Your brand represents a considerable value. Your organisation has invested in a carefully constructed image and in brand familiarity; an image that represents your core values and your brand’s values.

There are many different ways in which your customers -- whether they are consumers or businesses -- might be exposed to your brand, known as ‘Brand Touch Points’. It is very important to use the right visual identity and the right tone of voice in all your marketing communications. Consistency is vital.

You require a tool for informing all the parties concerned as well as for facilitating in and creating communications, to bridge the gap between corporate identity and marketing.

Paragon’s Marketing & Corporate identity Portal solution offers that tool. This solution allows you to distribute all your communication carriers and corporate identity rules and facilitate and monitor their use, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

Paragon’s Marketing & Corporate identity Portal consists of:

  • Guidelines, for categorising and displaying all guidelines and information;
  • Media Bank, for centrally storing, managing and distributing images, templates, brochures et cetera;
  • Reports for user information.

If necessary, the solution can be expanded, for example with a Web-to-Print for editing printed matter and advertisements and a web shop for placing orders and tracking stock.

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Paragon is an ISO27001 certified company.

Paragon is ISO 27001 gecertificeerd.