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Campaign & Project Management

Achieving more with fewer resources in a time when speed and complexity are on the increase. This presents a challenge to marketing professionals and brand managers. Paragon offers a solution that allows you to do precisely that.

Use our Campaign & Project Management solutions to optimise the entire campaign management process: from planning and preparation to execution and result evaluation.

Use workflow management to rationalise and standardise processes. Manage projects online and stay informed of the precise status of your cross-media campaigns. The result is that you can do more with fewer resources and in less time.

Features of this solution include:

  • planning tools for planning and coordinating activities;
  • budgeting instruments for establishing and monitoring budgets;
  • project management;
  • workflow management;
  • reports and dashboards.

Various expansions can be added to this solution, such as:

  • a central media bank that allows you to create interfaces between your marketing files and the related campaigns and projects;
  • modules for such activities as advertising and direct marketing, that allow you to control and monitor performance directly from the project.


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