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Hosting services

Paragon’s Managed Hosting is available at various different levels. This means that it is sure to match your organisation’s requirements for such matters as storage capacity and performance:

  • Managed Shared Hosting: Clients share hardware and processing power with other clients.
  • Managed Dedicated Hosting: Clients have their own hardware and database servers in environments that are separated from those of other clients.
  • Managed Enterprise Hosting: The hosting specifications are determined in consultation with the client, to match the client’s needs.

Self-hosting: On Premises

Our solutions can also be hosted by your organisation. This is known as the On-Premises option. We offer an extensive package of support services and information to make this possible.


The term Software as a Service (SaaS) has recently been the focus of a great deal of attention from the business sector and the press. Effectively, it involves ‘renting’ standard software online. Paragon’s MarketingOne is online software that is highly adaptable to match your specific wishes: much more adaptable than most other marketing and brand management SaaS products. Clients using Paragon’s Managed Hosting Services have all the benefits of SaaS, while the software can nevertheless be tailored completely to your specific situation. It works both ways.


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Paragon is an ISO27001 certified company.

Paragon is ISO 27001 gecertificeerd.