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Complex questions call for professional services. Paragon’s services tie in as closely as possible with our clients’ requirements both during implementation and in the period after implementation.

Paragon has extensive experience in embedding and optimising your processes based on best practices. Whether you need consultants to help you determine the best solution and calculate your savings or technical specialists to make sure that your solution is available day and night, Paragon Services has the right answer for you.

Professional Services

No two organisations are the same. Their markets, their cultures and of course the composition of their product and brand portfolios are important factors in this respect. Those factors determine your requirements for our solutions.

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Hosting services

Paragon's Managed Hosting is available at various different levels. This means that it is sure to match your organisation's requirements for such matters as storage capacity and performance.

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Content Services

Your communication resources change rapidly: new advertisements, different brochures and new campaigns. Ensuring that the marketing and sales organisation has access to the correct formats requires a great deal of attention and time. Paragon Content Services can relieve you of this concern, partially or entirely.

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Training Services

Paragon offers a comprehensive training solution for clients and partners. The available courses range from classroom training courses and workshops on location to distance training.

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Product Support

You know that lasting success depends in part on proper and professional support: for yourself, your partners, your suppliers and your colleagues.

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Paragon is an ISO27001 certified company.

Paragon is ISO 27001 gecertificeerd.