During the course of its existence, Paragon has carried out hundreds of projects for dozens of clients. More than 10,000 users in countries around the world rely on our solutions for planning and carrying out their marketing activities.

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Centraal Beheer Achmea

The question:
‘We are looking for a system to support campaign planning and execution. It must be able to keep track of multiple planning schedules within a single campaign, and we have to be able to control everything centrally.’

The answer:
Paragon developed a marketing portal for Centraal Beheer Achmea. This is a good example of a project aimed to a large extent at improving marketing accountability. In the marketing portal, the marketing departments of Centraal Beheer Achmea and FBTO can view all relevant information about campaigns and manage all current campaigns. As a result, campaigns can be carried out faster, more efficiently and therefore more cheaply. The marketing portal: everything in one location.


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Opel / General Motors

The question:
‘Create an online marketing portal for us that Opel dealers can use to create and order their marketing material online. Use of Opel’s corporate identity must be obligatory, but dealers should be at liberty to apply the corporate identity rules at their own discretion at the local level.

Furthermore, all parties must be able to access the same information, regardless of the time or place, and we wish to be able to measure the effectiveness of marketing and communication efforts.’

The answer:
Paragon developed a local marketing portal for Opel: LMP-online. Opel dealers in the Netherlands can now use LMP-online to compose their own local marketing and communication resources and post advertisements in various media. In addition, local activity is coordinated with national campaigns and budgets are monitored.

The entire marketing and communication process has been incorporated into a single system. However, with LMP-online Opel always retains central control.



Optimized Marketing automation to centrally manage the full campaign & POS process: supervision and control of planning, activities and materials - with integrated advertising media logistics.

At Deutsche Telekom marketing processes are centrally managed and supervised to efficiently deploy the organizational marketing resources using the MarketingOne software from Paragon. After carefully evaluating about 50 providers for the required solution German Telekom opted for Paragon as a partner for the telecom WerbeNet: the tool for the essential support of the marketing and sales processes as well as for the materials in the campaign and POS area.

Requirements of Deutsche Telekom:
  • Replacement of the existing tools with extended functionality
  • Implementation of a Tool for the TTL/PoS process planning
  • Central platform for all advertising content in within the group with additional functionality for internal and external stakeholders
  • End-to-end workflow management for all advertising campaign / communication processes with partial automation
  • Central enabler for communication – across departments
  • Increased efficiency to allow focus on content
  • Sustainable Portal – ready for future challenges
  • More transparency throughout all processes
The solution with Paragon
Together with Deloitte Paragon implemented the Telekom WerbeNet: a Media Portal and a Campaign Management Portal. Through the Media Portal the integrated communication platform for centralized management of relevant content for internal audiences and external partners (especially trade partners/shops, agency) is facilitated throughout the targeted groups. The campaign Portal provides process support in campaign management for all included stakeholder: efficient planning and execution of campaigns and content creation.

The go-live of Telekom WerbeNet was realized in early June 2015. Based on the first user experiences WerbeNet will be expanded and adapted within the coming the coming period, being the central platform for all advertising content in the Deutsche Telekom Group. The advertising campaigns - and communication processes are implemented in WerbeNet so that there is an end-to-end workflow management for the essential processes in this area.


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