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About us

Paragon is the inventor and creator of MarketingOne. Paragon has been bridging gaps between Marketing, Communication and ICT since 1995. Our products and services result from almost 15 years’ experience in the field of developing and implementing marketing and brand management software.

Our team of more than 60 employees continually work on projects for clients and the further development of MarketingOne. Our clients describe us as sensible, engaged, driven and innovative.



Vision and mission

During the past 20 years, we have seen that marketing has become a very fast and complex field. Due to the influence of social media and other technological developments this process will continue at a rapid pace during the coming years.
As a result, increasingly high demands are made of marketing organisations: speed, accountability, transparency and return on marketing investment.

Marketing activities can only be planned and executed efficiently with proper and comprehensive IT resources. Bridges have to be built to ensure that branches, departments and most of all people work together to achieve the same goal. Marketing is and always will be a job for humans. However, ICT has become an indispensable tool.


Paragon’s mission is to provide the best comprehensive IT resources for marketing organisations, based on the best marketing platform: MarketingOne.

Another very important factor for us is to have good relationships with our clients, which is indispensable if we wish to learn our clients’ true needs. 


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Patrick Paalman
Managing Partner
R&D, Operations, Finance

Cell phone: +31(0)6 212 467 25
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Gert Sluis
Supervisory Board

In 1992, Sluis was Deputy Head of the Communications Directorate, with responsibility for marketing and communication. In that position, he played an important role in the repositioning, development and implementation of the new corporate identity. From October 1996 forward until his retirement, he worked as Head of Marketing and Communication for Rabobank, where his responsibilities included sponsoring the bicycle racing team and expanding the membership to more than one million. Before that, Sluis headed up ABN AMRO Bank’s Marketing Communication department for twelve years.


René Borgerink
Supervisory Board

Currently active as a sole proprietor under the name of Borgerink Corporate Strategy. He advises clients buying and selling businesses, arranges business successions, advises on strategic policy decisions and corporate recoveries. Formerly employed as director/owner of accounting and tax law firm Ten Kate Huizinga.


1995 Foundation:

Paragon targets a new market: to provide online solutions for safeguarding, managing and maintaining corporate identity. Offering corporate identity manuals online is an important pillar. Corporate identity guidelines, images and graphic files are offered to employees via the Internet or intranets. Our clients benefit in terms of logistics, up-to-date information and accessibility.

1998 Paragon independent:

Paragon’s directors acquire a substantial proportion of Paragon’s share capital. The enterprise relocates to Deventer and adopts the name of Paragon Corporate Identity Support.

1999 Online production of communication resources:

Internet technology develops at a rapid pace and offers new possibilities. Clients assist employees in the application of corporate identity guidelines. A logical consequence is the computerised production of communication resources and communications. Paragon expands its range of products to include modules with which employees can independently manufacture marketing material online, such as advertisements and Direct Marketing campaigns. This solution means reduced completion times, an end to coordination difficulties and a reduced risk of errors. Paragon introduces the myCI label for this purpose.

2001 Marketing Resource Management:

By this time, Paragon’s solutions have grown into a platform that supports and streamlines the total marketing communication process: content management, asset management, workflow support, financial transaction processing and function-linked user authorisation. Businesses realise that an effective communication and brand strategy benefits from a comprehensive approach and scalable solution to support the marketing communication process. Paragon continues to lead the way on the European MRM market.

2002 Complete independence:

Paragon’s directors acquire 100% of Paragon’s share capital.

2007 Launch of the Paragon branch in Chennai, India:

Paragon sets up a new company to give shape to product development for the next generations. Local management, with more than 20 years’ experience in the field, consists of Dr. P. Rajendran and Mr Gopinath. By the end of 2007, our branch in Chennai in south-east India has 20 employees.

2008 Launch of Paragon Dynamics:

Paragon Dynamics is introduced onto the European market. With this new product, Paragon once again confirms its leading position in its market segment.

2010 Launch of MarketingOne:

In June 2010, Paragon Dynamics is given a new name: MarketingOne. In recent times, many new clients have opted for MarketingOne. The decision to rename the product stems from the need for a more recognisable name that can also be used abroad.


Paragon BV
P.O. Box 267
7400 AG Deventer
The Netherlands

Visiting Address:
Mr. H.F. de Boerlaan 26
7417 DA Deventer
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 570 665 700
KvK Deventer: 06078057

Paragon is an ISO27001 certified company.

Paragon is ISO 27001 gecertificeerd.