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    Efficient, Transparent &
    Cost reducing!


    Discover the efficient Marketing Workplace:
    Flawless collaboration between departments, a quicker
    time-to-market and up to 50% budget savings!!

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    Your local marketing managed simply and centrally.


    More transparency, control and measurability makes better Marketingmanagement. You'll know what’s going on!

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    Find out how you can easily: increase your Marketing efficiency, justify your investments and reduce your costs!

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Enterprise software platform
for Marketing Communication and Brand Management

With MarketingOne you can create a Marketing Services platform for all your marketing functions step-by-step.
Your entire organisation will work on one platform, on the basis of workflows, authorisations and functionality.
MarketingOne’s modular structure allows you to set the pace.
Because MarketingOne is available on demand you will benefit from the advantages almost immediately.


Paragon BV
P.O. Box 267
7400 AG Deventer
The Netherlands

Visiting Address:
Mr. H.F. de Boerlaan 26
7417 DA Deventer
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 570 665 700
E-mail: info@paragon.eu
KvK Deventer: 06078057

Paragon is an ISO27001 certified company.

Paragon is ISO 27001 gecertificeerd.