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brand ambassador
Solutions: Brand management and Dealer communications

Make everyone

a brand ambassador!

Key features:
  • All materials Brand Compliant;

  • Personalized Branded Content for all channels;

  • In Control: Know what happens and what works ;

  • Shorter Campaign cycles.

Protect your Brand

Protect what is perhaps your most valuable asset: your brand. Be in control of how the brand is used. Make sure brand statements are appropriate for the channels in which they are used.


With Brand Management, you control how your brand assets are used so that all expressions contribute to strengthening the brand.


With content that is up-to-date, compliant with brand guidelines and local regulations. Providing access to a range of marketing communications materials and channel specific tools. Ready to be personalised. 

Make it easy for your affiliates, dealers and franchisees.

'This enables our dealerships to focus on their  primary task: 

Sell, sell, sell! 

We support them with everything else'

brand management
Instant access to and an up-to-date overview of all campaign materials
Brand compliant
  • Single source of truth: a central hub ensures that only controlled and approved resources are used by your local teams in different regions.

Omnichannel personalized content

  • Simplify product portfolios to enhance customer experience with personalized brand-compliant communications.


In control

  • Central administrative control ensures that the latest approved assets are being used by your sales and marketing teams in all regions.

Shorter cycles and lower cost
  • Shorter approval and content production times with rules-based access


If so, contact one of our advisers.

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