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Thanks to our long experience and an intense commitment to excellence, Paragon builds portals which can streamline your marketing operations by combining data, technology and creativity.

We focus on user friendliness, providing insights and strategic perspectives, and easing seamless collaboration between your marketing department and their agencies and suppliers.
In every aspect, from applying brand guidelines to creating an email campaign to supporting the complete online marketing process, our wide range of online tools and our long experience ensure effective solutions.

1. Data security

Your top priority must be that all your digital assets are secure. We can guarantee that in your own private cloud. 

What is more, Paragon Hosting Services gives you optimum accessibility to all your systems. 

So you need not worry about connections, storage space,  performance and back-ups, now or in the future.

  • Guaranteed availability

  • Access for internal and external users

  • Guaranteed maintenance and updates

  • Optimal security

  • Regular reports on usage and availability

  • ISO 27001 certified


It’s your data, so you enjoy full access to it at all times.

As custodians of your data, we organise it and analyse it intelligently, helping you to make better decisions and to save on costs.


3. integrations

Cross platform data exchange is an essential contribution to success in online marketing.

With MarketingOne®, you  can exchange data seamlessly with other platforms using our API and web services. 

You can link two or more services so that they work together in an optimal manner.

The Application Programming Interface allows you to:​

  • Reduce manual input with automated processes, increasing your workflow.

  • Fewer errors with automation and real-time insights into all processes.

  • Standard interfaces provide stable integration/connections between systems quickly and easily.


4. user-friendliness

We approach interactive systems development by focussing on our users and their needs when designing our software.

This enhances effectiveness and efficiency while also improving user satisfaction, accessibility and sustainability.


5. Future Proofing

Innovation is often about making new and surprising connections. All our efforts are devoted to developing our skills and solutions.
Man in VR Cafe

Supporting our clients by ensuring the best possible outcomes. And providing solutions for today’s challenges while also anticipating future events