The question:

‘We are looking for a media bank. User-friendliness is key. It must be fast and easy to find images, and we want to preview files without having to download the image first. We also wish to keep track of what images have been used in what communications, to prevent repeat use of images.

Finally, we want to manage our own content, and in the future we want to expand the image bank to include material for new labels. This means that the system should be not only easy to use, but also easy to manage.’

The answer:

Paragon created an image bank for Menzis. That image bank can be used to store and archive all manner of files. Menzis employees can view and download files and use them in marketing and communication material.

Moreover, the modular solution for the image bank means that Menzis is ready for the future: additional functions can easily be added.


  • More time efficient
  • Cost reductions
  • Information about use